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Advanced Analytics

We dominate the market because we know it's not just how advanced the technology is that matters; it's how far it can advance your organization. Our advanced analytics software is infused with cutting-edge, innovative algorithms that can help you solve even your most intractable problems. Make the best decisions possible. And unearth opportunities you would otherwise miss.

Data Mining

• Simplify data preparation
• Quickly and easily create better models
• Put your best models into service. Fast.


• Reduce the opportunity for personal bias
• Get easy access to powerful forecasting techniques
• Plan more effectively for the future

Statistical Analysis

• Get reliable answers. Every time.
• Cover diverse areas with one environment.
• Don't settle for one style – customize.

Text Analytics

• Evaluate text like a human mind would – minus the inconsistency and ambiguity.
• Get answers and insights faster than ever before.
• Enhance discovery with subject-matter expertise.
• Refine rules for more precise analysis.

Optimization & Simulation

• Understand which decisions, actions and responses will get the best results.
• Make better decisions – over and over and over again
• Coordinate your analytics.

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