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Data Logger

JDL-740C is designed to be able to select or apply a variety of Metrological sensors provided by Sensor libraries, the user can use the Data logger for metrological observations without any special training.
According to the main processor of Data logger including powerful 32bit Arm7 processor, Data logger can calculate quickly the value measured from sensors, handle the data from over 30 sensors at the same time periodically, save it into the internal memory and transmit the data through a variety of communication channels. JDL-740C has a wide range of inputs designed to support the most common data collection applications.
JDL-740C is designed for low power consumption and is suitable for remote observation instruments.
In case the data are not collected through the communication network, users are able to backup the data measured for the long time by using the CF memory.
Encased in metal with gas discharge tubes on the terminal panel, the JDL- 740C has EMI and ESD protection on all input and output connections. JDL-740C is designed to be expertly operated even in any harsh
environment as it is equipped with ESD protection and widely operating temperature from -40°C to +60°C

• Easy maintenance with the modular configuration
• Using the standard SDI-12 protocol
• Easy to update the program in the field via RS-232 serial port of laptop or CF card
• Easy to analyze and monitor the data via PC, laptop or PDA
• Support the communication protocol of ISRO TDMA type or PRBS for INSAT communication
• Easy to setup the configuration by controlling the keypad
• GPS Time synchronize
• Internal 4 Mbytes memory to storage the data
• Can dump the data from Internal memory to CF card.
• Support the Dial-up Modem port and RS-422 port to display the data for the remote place
•Support INSAT 4800 BPS


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